Life Science Symposium: Why do we age? What can be done to slow it down?

Every day we are getting older. But why do we age? Ageing is an unavoidable process, accompanied by many disadvantages. But what can we do to slow it down? To counter the causes and effects of ageing, first enough knowledge must be acquired on the ageing process and the mechanisms that are involved. Worldwide, many interesting studies are being done on the causes and the consequences of ageing, as well as on potential remedies to counter the ageing process. Do you want to know more about the biological and chemical reasons for ageing? Or are you interested in what the consequences of ageing are on a societal and business level? You are invited to attend the Life Science Symposium ‘LIMITS OF LIFESPAN – understanding and countering the causes of ageing’, organized by Study Association LIFE. Learn all about this topic from (inter)national experts on 12 May 2014 in the ‘Stadsgehoorzaal’ in Leiden. Speakers with a scientific or business background will elaborate on ageing from the perspective of (bio)medical sciences, ethics and policy-making. Among others, speakers from MIT and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing will be present. Lunch and drinks are included. Visit our website for more information and tickets!

This symposium is brought to you by the study association of Life Sciences and Technology at the TU Delft and the University of Leiden


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