Life on a Starship

Recording: Life on a Starship

What it would take to build, operate and live on a starship for decades? The kind of contained living a starship presents demands the need for a total physical ecosystem, but also a carefully balanced social system.

Technological, social, and biological systems would have to work in harmony for such ambitious missions, long dreamed of by humankind, to work. But as the years pass and the starship travels, new challenges — foreseen and unforeseen — arise, making the “evolvability” of the ship and its systems a key to its success.

In this presentation Angelo Vermeulen will talk about his art and technology projects and about his current space systems research at Participatory Systems (TU Delft). Biomodd is one of his most well-known art projects and consists of a worldwide series of interactive art installations in which computers and ecosystems coexist. A monumental Biomodd installation was created at TPM (TU Delft) in 2011 in the context of the inaugural speech of Prof. Frances Brazier. In 2009 Angelo launched SEAD (Space Ecologies Art and Design), a platform for artistic research on architectures and ethics of space colonization. Seeker is one of the resulting projects involving co-created starship sculptures that evolve over time. In 2013 he was crew commander of the NASA-funded HI-SEAS Mars simulation in Hawai’i. This isolation mission took four months and involved an international crew of six. Currently he participates as mission support for the second HI-SEAS mission.

Throughout his talk Angelo will demonstrate how art, science and technology can be brought together to generate new concepts for the future.


This lunch lecture is co-organized with the study association of Aerospace Engineering, the VSV Leonardo da Vinci

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