Municipal Elections Debate Night 2022

Recording: Municipal Elections Debate Night 2022

The elections for the new City Council of Delft will take place on Wednesday 16 March and offer a rare opportunity for students in Delft to directly influence local politics. Not only Dutch students but also students and residents from any of the EU member states are eligible to cast their vote. To help you make up your mind, we are organising an election debate aimed specifically at students of all nationalities on Wednesday evening 2 March in the Aula Auditorium! 

Who should pay for the energy transition? Where should students live? Should Delft address its colonial history? Join us to engage with the political parties and learn about their views on these issues. 

The debate will be held in English so that everyone will be able to participate. The debate will be moderated by Twan de Nijs, and the following politicians will participate: 

  • Brendan Analikwu (D66)
  • Rinske Wessels (GroenLinks)
  • Ida de Boer (STIP)
  • Casper Kroes (VVD)
  • Jorrit Treffers (VOLT)

This event has been organised jointly by Lijst Bèta, DISS and Studium Generale.

Visit the location's website here.