Think ‘n Drink Discussion Night

=Every Monday night from 7pm till 10pm =


Every Monday night the student group VOX Delft, in cooperation with SG, hosts an in-depth discussion evening. A broad range of topics are possible, from philosophy, to current affairs, to technology, or society. Everyone, whether Dutch and/or international, is welcome to join a discussion, with or without prior knowledge of the topic. The idea during the Think ‘n Drink is that all opinions and arguments are equally welcome, as long as nobody tries to claim to have the only truth on the subject. Be prepared to meet the most interesting minds in Delft and end the evening feeling energized, inspired, and philosophically enlightened by a vigorous discussion.

Visit for general information on VOX Delft. Weekly topics for the Think ‘n Drink are announced on Facebook in the VOX Delft group page, where you can vote for and pitch your own suggestions for discussion topics. Suggestions can be anything from general philosophical problems, to a new technological paradigm, a documentary, article, or essay, or whatever else you feel deserves a critical and open discussion.


Topics so far have included:  The ethics of chemical warfare, “The five stupidities of the English language,” Rational negotiation, The ethics of marketing, (3d printed) Guns and society, Anarcho-Communism in the Spanish Civil War, Gamification, and Independent journalism.

Think ‘n Drinks are organized by VOX Delft in cooperation with SG