Online Book Club: A Clockwork Orange

Join the free online book club organized by VOX Delft, Studium Generale, and Hesiodos magazine!

Have you always wanted to read the book behind Stanley Kubrick’s most famous movie? Over the next few weeks we’ll be reading the dystopian comedy A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. On October 7th, join the online conversation to discuss the book’s themes together.

Register for the book club by sending an email with your name to the organizers at VOX Delft:
The first ten to register will receive a free hard copy of the book delivered to their doorstep.

For the rest of us there are ebooks and hardcopies available at (online) retailers for less than 10 euros.

Some material to get you started:

  • There are several interviews online with the author, Anthony Burgess. Get some insight into the context behind this famous story with this one on YouTube.
  • If you’re reading the book you’ll notice the use of slang, much of it Russian in origin. Thankfully Wikipedia has a list with translations.
  • Finally, there’s the movie by Stanley Kubrick which is definitely worth a look.