reinvent-money-2016: Defining the next step in the evolution of money

Recording: reinvent-money-2016: Defining the next step in the evolution of money

Part 2

Part 3

Reinvent.Money and Studium Generale have teamed up to organise three cutting edge discussions about the Euro, Banks and Central Banks.


16:00 Word of welcome Coen Vermeeren (TU Delft Studium Generale) and Paul Buitink (founder Reinvent Money)

Part I What is the role of banks and central banks in the digital age?

16:10 Keynote Michael Kumhof (Bank of England): “Central bank issued digital currencies”
16:30 Keynote Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam, WRR): “Financialisation and the consequences for society”
16:50 Panel discussion with Michael Kumhof, Arnoud Boot and Stephanie Kelton (moderated by Karim Benammar)

Part II Is the Euro a dismal coin?

17:20 Keynote Stephanie Kelton (University of Missouri-Kansas City, advisor to Bernie Sanders): “The euro dilemma”
17:35 Election debate by prominent Dutch politicians: Ancilla van de Leest (Pirate Party) vs Paul Tang (PvdA, European Parliament) and Thierry Baudet (moderated by Karim Benammar)


Part III Does our future money need nation states? 

18:10 Keynote Brett Scott (author, financial activist): “Hacking the future of money”

18:15 Introduction Lex Hoogduin (University of Groningen)
18:20 Debate Brett Scott and Lex Hoogduin (University of Groningen) (moderated by Karim Benammar)


18:45 Reflection by Paul Buitink, Richard van der Linde (Depositobank) and Martijn Jeroen van der Linden (TU Delft).

18:55 Closing words by Karim Bennamar


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  • Michael Kumhof is a German researcher and economist. He is the senior research advisor in the Bank of England’s research hub. He has done pioneering research on why and how central banks should start issuing digital cash to citizens.
  • Stephanie Kelton is an American economist and an associate professor, currently chairing the Department of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is a leading proponent of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Stephanie was the economic advisor to Bernie Sanders.
  • Arnoud Boot is professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets at the University of Amsterdam and co-director of the Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics (ACLE). In his work Arnoud Boot focuses on the broad issue of ‘financialization of society’.
  • Lex Hoogduin is a monetary professor at University of Groningen, specialized in complexity and uncertainty. He also heads the GloComNet and is board member of LCH and LSEG. Furthermore he is a former director at the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)
  • Brett Scott is author of ‘The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money’ and proponent of bottom-up strategies for monetary reform.
  • Richard van der Linde is the founding father of the full reserve euro bank concept Depositobank in The Netherlands.
  • Martijn Jeroen van der Linden is a monetary researcher at Technische Universiteit Delft. He also sits at the board Stichting Ons Geld.
  • Karim Benammar is a philosopher specialising in transformative thinking. He gives lectures and workshops for companies and organisations, and is connected to THNK School of Creative Leadership and The School of Life in Amsterdam.
  • Coen Vermeeren is a scientist, composer and author, and chairman of Studium Generale.
  • Paul Buitink has organised twice before and has a deeply-rooted and longtime passion for monetary reform.
  • Paul Tang is the leader of the PvdA in the European Parliament and in favour of keeping the euro.
  • Ancilla van de Leest is the frontrunner of the Dutch Pirate Party and Lead Advisor Privacy at Brunel. She is a staunch advocate for the preservation of cash and skeptical about the prospects of the euro.
  • Thierry Baudet is the frontrunner of the Forum voor Democratie, a platform for democracy and innovation.

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