The School Of Life Masterclass: How to be more creative

Unit Sports & Culture (S&C) and Studium Generale have invited Dick Swaab for a lunch lecture at 27 September 2017 to tell about the development and stimulation of creativity in the brain. Let this brain researcher’ bright ideas inspire you!

As a follow-up of this lecture you can join the class ‘How to be more creative’, given by School of Life on 17th of October 2016. In this class, the question: ‘where does creativity go once childhood ends?’ is being discussed. During the class multiple experiments are conducted, to help us gain practical access to our latent creative selves. You can attend this masterclass for only €5,- !

Students can subscribe and pay through the online subscription system of S&C, DMS. Externals have to subscribe and pay at one of the information desks at S&C.


Visit the location's website here.