S4S Presents: YouTuber Ed Winters & The Hidden Costs of Our Food Choices

Per-capita animal product consumption is increasing around the globe as the world population grows, but in order to keep up with the demand of animal products without compromising the environment, we need drastic changes in our food systems. Fortunately, we do not have to give up the pleasure of taste to protect the environment. Advances in food technology can aid us in making this transition to more environmentally-friendly diets much easier. Sound quite convoluted to you? Do not worry, guest speaker Ed Winters will tackle the complexities of this topic and make us aware of the change that in his mind should be undertaken.

ED WINTERS is a YouTuber with over 200.000 subscribers. Want to hear his story, ask him your urgent questions or have a wonderful dinner together with him? Click the ticket link to register to this free event! Want to join him amongst others and have a delicious dinner? This will happen the same day at 5:45pm at ID Kafee!

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This event is organized by Students4Sustainability (S4S)

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