School of Life: Free thinkers of the Islam

The Islam is, and has been a prominent topic of debate in the western countries for the past 20 years. But despite this, how much do you really know about the Islam that has been dominating the media all these years?

Where does it originate? What is its history? How does the Islam relate to philosophy and why is Aristotle been called ‘the first teacher’ in the Islamic world? Can we speak of Islamic philosophy and if so, what is the difference with normal philosophy?

In this class you will become acquainted with the Falasifa, the Islamic philosophers; from Al-Kindi till Aboe’l-walid Mohammed ibn Ahmed and Mohammed ibn Roesjd. How did these Falasifa unite the Greek philosophy with the Islam? Why does the Aristotelian logic suits these gentlemen? What goals did they aspire? When stuck this school of thinking to the Islamic world? And if we would look to the present with the knowledge and insight from the past, what would we gain with this?

Join this intriguing class and learn more about the Islam, its origin and history and the philosophy surrounding it.

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