Veritas Forum: Dialogue on Religious freedom & Tolerance in society

Is there a place for religious belief in our secular society nowadays? Can we live
together in peace despite fundamental differences in faith and world-views? What
does religious tolerance imply in an ever-changing society? Recent international
events, from the migrant crisis to terrorist attacks, are reshaping how we see religious
freedom and tolerance.

The Veritas forum invites you to take part in the discussion on June 8th, along with Dr.
Os Guinness, an author and social critic. He is known from his many books, like ‘The
Global Public Square’ and lectures worldwide. Guinness was also primary drafter of
‘The Global Charter of Conscience’, a Global Covenant concerning Faiths and
Freedom of Conscience.

Are you wondering if and how you could deal with your deepest differences with
persons around you, and how you should deal with religious freedom and tolerance?
We want to warmly invite you to join the discussion at the Veritas Forum and to
participate in the polls and Q&A sessions to find out!

What: ‘Does Faith fit in? – Religious freedom & Tolerance in society’
Where: Aula Auditorium TU Delft (Mekelweg 5, Delft)
When: Wednesday, June 8th 20:00

Visit the location's website here.