SG Academy: What Could You Live Without? A Visceral Discussion on Degrowth (canceled)

THIS EVENT IS CANCELED. Please monitor our website for the next SG Academy session!

Degrowth is one of the many paths we’re being called to follow in order to save society, the climate, and the ecosystem. We’re going to focus on one of its key demands, namely the downsizing of our consumerism. Buying less stuff, taking less holiday trips, using less energy, etc.

What sacrifices would you be willing to make towards a healthier, greener, more equal future?

Speaking from personal experience: it can be very difficult to change your own lifestyle. Especially when it means letting go of our privileges you’ve always taken for granted. Add to that the fact that current generations are already making significant sacrifices compared to their parents: the housing market is locked, permanent contracts are harder to get, and everything is more expensive. So when we think about consuming less, it may feel like making a sacrifice on top of a sacrifice.

Let’s talk it through, with brutal honesty but without judgment. What would you really be able to do without? And what would you never want to miss? Which privileges can we dare each other to give up starting right now?

Bring your thoughts and join us for this open discussion!

The SG Academy is a small discussion group open to all. Be sure to sign up on time as space is limited!

The SG Academy is an initiative by Studium Generale to engage the university community (students and staff) in literature, philosophy, critical thinking, and a generally broader look at human culture through all kinds of media. Think of it as a modern book club, where a small group of (aspiring) intellectuals get together to discuss not just books, but writers, comics, art, movies, essays, articles, and documentaries. Without experts or speakers. The topics include everything from philosophy to anthropology, cultural criticism, linguistics, logic, mythology, political ideologies, and metaphysics.

(Minimum 5, maximum 12 participants in the Steve Jobs room of the TU Library. Priority spots for students and staff, but all are welcome)

Credit to Dall-E for the cover image (and credit to all the unnamed artists whose work went into training Dall-E).