Think & Drink with Asimov | Inclusive Robots: Beyond the Buzzwords

We would like to welcome you to the next edition of Think and Drink, an event organised in collaboration between Studium Generale and Asimov. This event aims to explore the intersection of robotics and inclusivity, and how we can design robotic systems that cater to all users. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion that will inspire new ideas and solutions for creating more inclusive and accessible robotics. This event takes place on the 17th of March at 17:00 in Lagerhuysch at 3ME.

We welcome three speakers to the panel who will give a short presentation, centred around the concept of inclusive design in Robotics. Following the presentations, the event will transition into a central discussion, where the audience will have the opportunity to engage with the speakers, ask questions, and share their perspectives.

In addition, we encourage all participants to submit questions about the topic or statements regarding their personal experiences in advance when signing up in Eventbrite. These will serve as the core of the discussion, and provide an opportunity to engage with the panel and your fellow participants.

So come join us at this edition of the Think and Drink for an enlightening evening of discussion, ideas, and inspiration over drinks and pizza!

Elif Ozcan Vieira is Associate Professor of Sound-driven Design and Research at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. She was also appointed as the faculty’s first Diversity & Inclusion Officer.

Laura Marchal-Crespo is an Associate Professor at the Department of Cognitive Robotics at 3mE and leader of the Human-Robot interaction group. She carries out research in the general areas of human-machine interfaces and biological learning, and, specifically, in the use of robotic assistance and virtual reality to aid people in learning motor tasks and rehabilitate after neurologic injuries.

Corné Arentze currently studies Life, Science & Technology, having recently been diagnosed with ADHD and ASS. He is student assistant at Student Onbeperkt, the platform for students with a disability.

Moderator for this event is president of ASIMOV, Jelmer van der Saag.

Think and Drink with Asimov

In this quarterly event, Asimov, the Cognitive Robotics research group and Studium Generale are teaming up to engage with ethical conundrums in an informal setting. We invite researchers, philosophers and ethicists to share their views on an ethical issue in robotics and invite you to join us over a pint with your insights and inquiry. The first drink is on us and pizza is provided!

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