Speculative Design

If you were blind, would you want a guide dog to help you move around like any other person? And if you had a cardiac disease, would you want to receive a pig heart valve to patch up your heart and live another couple of years? Now, if you would have a kidney disease and needed dialysis, would you want to be connected to a living lamb through tubes and needles – a lamb that has been genetically modified to suit your body’s DNA, serving as a soft and cuddly dialysis machine…?

How far can and will we go in designing? When do we draw the line and what do we feel is still acceptable?

Joris van Gelder (teacher at Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam and Design Entrepreneur at Ministerie van Nieuwe Dingen) will tell you about the possibilities of Speculative Design – designs intended to open debate and discussion about the kind of future people want (and do not want). These designs speculate how things could be, both interesting and exciting futures, as well as disturbing and terrifying ones.

This event is organized by Infuse, study association for the Design for Interaction Master.


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