Stressbusters: Yoga and Free Massages

Take a much needed break from the pressure of your exams.

On 1 and 15 April, you can join the No Stress Breathing Workshop from 18:30 – 19:30 by Studium Generale TU Delft

On 9 April, a professional masseuse from Boost is on site, giving free 15-minute massages. Next to that, yoga association OHM will show you how you can practise yoga as you read through all your exciting lecture notes.

Registrations for the morning massage sessions will start at 9:30 sharp and the registrations for the afternoon sessions at 12:30. Be there on time, because places are very limited and will fill up quickly.

Massages help you to relax and destress, which is a good thing especially during exam period. So, this doesn’t count as study procrastination…

At 13:00, yoga association OHM will show you how a few simple, yet effective stretches and breathing exercises can help you to intensify your focus. The quality of your study time lies in the depth of your relaxation. So come along, relax and then push on towards those exams.

No online enrolment needed, just register at 09:30 or 12:30 at the entrance of the Library for the massages.

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