The School of Life: How to find a job you love

We all know what the perfect job looks like: well paid, respectable, challenging and emotionally satisfying. But we also know something else: that dream job isn’t yours. This class will help you find out what you really want to get out of your working life. We start off with the various factors that influence our career decisions (family background, personality tests) and evaluate whether these are a help or a hindrance. We will also discuss relevant and sometimes difficult questions. Should we strive for wealth or status? How important is it to have a job which embodies your values? Or which fully utilizes your talents? Should you be good at many things or excel in just one? And of course the main question: will your dream job ultimately give you the satisfaction you expect of it?

Philosopher and theologian Lammert Kamphuis is programme and quality manager at The School of Life. As a public speaker and moderator he manages to get to the essence in a personal and relaxed way. His strength is to take complex philosophical concepts and apply them to everyday life. In 2014 he published his book, “Vrijgemaakt”.

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