Think & Drink | How everyday technology invades the battlefield

Who bears the responsibility when everyday technology ends up shaping conflicts around the world?

From videogame controllers to consumer drones, many conflicts around the world are seeing widespread use of consumer technologies in the context of combat. These uses are often unintended by the original inventors, creating an ethical dilemma: if technology you created can inadvertently be used in war, who holds the responsibility?

In this edition of Think & Drink with ASIMOV, we invite experts, researchers, teachers and students to exchange their views. The focal point: To critically discuss the influence that innovation has on the conflicts around the world.

Think and Drink

In this quarterly event, Asimov, the Cognitive Robotics research group and Studium Generale are teaming up to engage with ethical conundrums in an informal setting. We invite researchers, philosophers and ethicists to share their views on an ethical issue in robotics and invite you to join us over a pint with your insights and inquiry. The first drink is on us and a snack is provided!

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