Think & Drink with ASIMOV | ChatGPT: Academic tool or threat?

Recording: Think & Drink with ASIMOV | ChatGPT: Academic tool or threat?

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Few recent technologies have been as disruptive for students, educators and researchers alike as the large generative language model ChatGPT. Some see this as the future of information creation, while others merely consider it a glorified autocomplete on steroids. But one thing is undeniable: it is already having significant impact on academia and is likely here to stay. 

In this edition of Think & Drink with ASIMOV, we invite AI experts, teachers and students to exchange their views on the question if  ChatGPT can be a useful tool or poses a fundamental threat to education and academic research.

Join us at the TU Delft Library as we debate whether ChatGPT has a place at the TU Delft and discuss the use and implications of this technology in an academic environment, over a snack and a drink in an interactive and informal panel discussion.

Otto Barten graduated from TU Delft in Sustainable Energy Technology. He is founding director of the Existential Risk Observatory, an NGO aiming to reduce human extinction risks by informing the public debate.

Stefan Buijsman is assistant professor at the TPM Faculty of TU Delft, working on the philosophy of AI and focussing on explainability and the information that different stakeholders need to responsibly develop and use AI systems. He has published three popular science books on mathematics and AI, one of which is available in over 20 countries.

Dimitra Dodou is associate professor of Biomechanical Engineering at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of TU Delft. She is part of a working group at the faculty doing research on and with GPT models.

Derek Lomas is assistant professor of Positive AI at TU Delft, working on bridging Human-Centered Design and Artificial Intelligence. He has been involved in the discussions by the TU Delft Assessment Taskforce on the use of AI tools in projects and assignments.

Think and Drink with Asimov

In this quarterly event, Asimov, the Cognitive Robotics research group and Studium Generale are teaming up to engage with ethical conundrums in an informal setting. We invite researchers, philosophers and ethicists to share their views on an ethical issue in robotics and invite you to join us over a pint with your insights and inquiry. The first drink is on us and pizza is provided!

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