VOX Book Club – The Power (2016) by Naomi Alderman

Join the free book club organized by VOX Delft and Studium Generale!

Once again, you have the chance to dive headfirst into another literary work with your fellow book lovers. You’ll get the chance to come together with new (but also familiar) faces and digest the little wonders inked onto a small bundle of pages. Whether you’re an enthusiastic bibliophile or a modest little book worm, this is a cozy place for all and a great opportunity for you to get to know your fellow students. Not to mention, a great occasion for sharing ideas and broadening your horizons, not only in terms of literature.

This quarter we’ll be reading Naomi Alderman’s “The Power”, a speculative feminist sci-fi. In her novel, Alderman imagines what could happen in society if women became physically more powerful – and dangerous – than men. (There’s also a show based on the book, if you want to see an adaptation)

Write down the following dates in your calendar, as we’ll be meeting twice:

  • September 21st, lunch break: Book distribution, reading the first pages together
  • October 19th, 6pm: Book discussion

Please register for the VOX Book Club so we know how many people to expect.
We’ll have ten free copies of the book to give away to the lucky few! For the rest of us there are eBooks, audio books, and hard copies available at (online) retailers for around 10 euros.

Check out SG’s related events this quarter on the theme: The Female Perspective

This fall at SG, we’re going to find out what the world would look like if women had the power. We’re going to erase the dominant patriarchal perspective and substitute it with an alternate reality. What would it look like if the tables were turned: would women set the standards, could men be vulnerable? Would we let go of the old ways and celebrate gender fluidity? 

This theme is part of the series For Love of the World, in which we explore alternative stories and forgotten knowledge that can (re)connect us to our world.

12 Sept                                 VOX Movie Night: Libertarias (1996)                                               Orange Room
18 Sept – 10 Nov             Art Exhibition                                                                                                  The Nook/Theater de Veste
19 Sept                                 Existential Tuesday: What if women had the power?              The Nook
21 Sept                                The Book Club: The Power, book distribution                              The Nook
10 Oct                                   Existential Tuesday: What is a “real” man?                                    The Nook
11 Oct                                   Writing for Power: A creative writing workshop                       The Nook
16 Oct                                   SG Café: Het vrouwelijk perspectief (in Dutch)                          Theater de Veste
19 Oct                                   The Book Club: The Power, book discussion                                 The Nook


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