VOX film night: Enjoy Poverty

VOX Delft, student association and partner of SG, is hosting another documentary night with a follow-up discussion. Topic this time is the documentary “Enjoy Poverty.”

In this documentary filmmaker Renzo Martens examines poverty in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In an epic journey, the film establishes that images of poverty are the Congo’s most lucrative export, generating more revenue than traditional exports like gold, diamonds, or cocoa. However, just as with these traditional exports, those that provide the raw material, the poor being filmed or photographed, hardly benefit from it at all.

VOX will provide snacks and drinks to go with the film but feel free to bring and share your favorite treat. and hope to see you all there!

More info here at the Facebook event page.

Enjoy Poverty - Docu poster - A3 portrait - A1.1