VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up | Struggle for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Struggle for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Based on the VPRO broadcast ‘Worsteling van de groenmens’.
This Meet Up is in English to enable foreign students and citizens to participate.

Do you eat vegetarian or do you try to cut down on meat? Do you think about your waste? Are you trying to travel and live as sustainably as possible? Then you probably know the dilemmas that come with it. After all, how are you going to implement a sustainable lifestyle or business without giving up too much comfort? And what sacrifice are you willing to make? Some stretch themselves to the limit to live a sustainable life and it may even become an obsession or a condition called ‘ecorexia’.

How do we make responsible choices without sacrificing our happiness? How do we transform our ideas, thoughts and visions into actual deeds? What withholds us from taking steps forwards? How can we help and inspire each other? Triggered by fragments from the broadcast, we discuss the subject with special guests and the audience.

The guests are:
Dolf Grande – Sustainable Entrepreneur
Zoë Robaey – PhD at the Center Ethics and Technology TU Delft
Robin van Wechem – Author of Columns in Trouw magazine

The discussion will be moderated by:
Ankita Singhvi – Student Industrial Ecology TU Delft

The program starts at 20:30, the doors of the venue open at 20:00.

Organised jointly with Green Office TU Delft and Lijm & Cultuur

Visit the location's website here.