Delta Debate | Delft under Pressure: Stress among staff and students at TU Delft

Stress among staff and students at TU Delft

70-hour working weeks, a lot of responsibilities and the never ending need to publish: all signs of an academic environment that is under pressure. Stress, burn-outs and being overworked are not exceptional anymore. Six out of ten employees of the TU experience a higher work load then they would like and also students have to deal with a lot of pressure.

What should the TU Delft do about this? Provide more guidance for dealing with stress? Or are stress and pressure simply part of studying? Are burn-outs just a trend and an overreaction, or should we actively look for a solution to prevent it?

Join fellow students, teachers and policy makers for a debate on the increasing pressure of the workload of our university, followed by free drinks at the Teaching Lab. This event is organised jointly by Studium Generale, Delta, TU Delft Debating Club and the Teaching Lab

The panel will consist of:

Rob Mudde, President of Education at TU Delft and Vice Rector Magnificus
Ali Haseltalab, PhD Student at 3ME
Jorino van Rhijn, President of VSSD Student Union

Visit the location's website here.