Where Do Dead Ships Go? (in Dutch)

Recording: Where Do Dead Ships Go? (in Dutch)

What happens to our ocean liners, oil tankers, and container ships when they’re unfit for use? Hundreds of giant lumps of steel and other materials, waiting to be put to rest?

Recently, the Dutch online newspaper De Correspondent devoted an article to the shipbreaking operation in Bangladesh, where young men tear old ships apart with little more than their bare hands and feet, right on the beach. Pollution, disease, poverty, and accidents are a daily reality.

Come and hear journalist Dick Wittenberg’s story, and drop by the photo exhibition in the entrance hall at the Mechanical Engineering building (3Me).

Click here for the article, and here for a YouTube video that shows how the ships are launched onto the beach. And for something even more crazy, look up the beach just west of Chittagong, Bangladesh on Google maps, and see the satellite view of the ships!

This lecture is brought to you in cooperation with Froude, the study association of the Maritime Engineering faculty in Delft.

The lecture will be in Dutch!

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