Women at the Top: Jeanne Dekkers

Recording: Women at the Top: Jeanne Dekkers

According to statistics from the Dutch Female Board index, 48% of stock market listed companies have one or more women on their board. Women at the top are gaining ground. Has the glass ceiling finally been shattered? Or are we still facing an uphill struggle? As Sheryl Sandberg, an American businesswoman and chief operating officer of Facebook, suggests in her book: “Stop complaining, just put in more effort”. An interesting statement that should make for a lively debate.

Women at the Top

Every second Tuesday of the month during the lunch break, a successful Dutch Woman at the Top will discuss with students everything you’ve always wanted to know about her work, career and private life. Jeanne Dekkers is Professor of Architecture, Building and Planning at TU/e and owner/head of an architectural firm in Delft

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