Women’s Rights Today, featuring Maartje & Kine (in Dutch)

Part of the Celebration of International Women’s Day ’16 is the Amnesty International in-depth session about the exhibition on women’s rights. After this intriguing session, Maartje and Kine will play a compilation of their work ‘Goldberg Machine’. This compilation is Dutch spoken.

Maartje and Kine (http://www.maartjeenkine.nl) stormed theaters with their hugely successful debut program “Strange Folk” after their studies at the conservatory and TU Delft. This energetic, cheerful, endearing and sharp duo is like a fresh wind and toured around more than 120 cities.

In their second theatre play the “Goldberg Machine’, music and art are coming together in a comedy show about inventions, dreams and chain reactions. A dive into a world of scientists and inventive composers. Naturally wrapped in its own Maartje and Kine-style: humor, catchy Balkan beats, classic with a twist and virtuoso folk from all over the world. With a violin, accordion, banjo, ukulele, balalaika, trumpet, piano and many other instruments. A performance that ‘ll make you smile for 24 hours. A feast!

Maartje and Kine write a montly number for Giel 3FM and performed, among others at DWDD, the Top 2000, KunststofTV, Tijd voor Max, Lowlands, Oerol and the End Month Show of Martijn King on HumorTV. Maartje and Kine’s play: comedy and villainous.

(Maartje & Kine bij de Top 2000 a gogo)

(Vuurwerklied van Maartje & Kine)

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