Workshop: How to Do Decolonial Research At A University of Technology

Recording: Workshop: How to Do Decolonial Research At A University of Technology

What is decoloniality, and how can you incorporate it into your work and studies?

This will be an introductory workshop on decolonial research. The workshop is split into three parts:
1) a brief (colonial) history of West Papua
2) a presentation on what decolonial research looks like, speaking to the West Papuan case, and
3) a discussion in small groups to practice applying the basic tools of decoloniality for technology, engineering and design

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A look at our speakers

How is the oppression of West Papuans related to the clean energy transition in Europe? Raki Ap highlights both the human rights and environmental issues in West Papua beginning under Dutch colonial rule and continuing under Indonesian rule. Through practices like deforestation and mining, companies extract resources from one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet; resources that, ironically, are crucial to the clean energy transition. Raki can also comment on the role that researchers and scientists can play to address these issues.

Raki Ap, climate and anti-racism activist

What is it like doing decolonial research at the TU Delft? Anne-Linn Machielsen, a recent graduate of Industrial Ecology, has analysed the link between the European Green Deal and nickel mining in West Papua through various colonial and decolonial frameworks. She will share her experiences incorporating a decolonial lens in her research at the TU Delft.

Anne-Linn Machielsen, MSc Industrial Ecology, decolonial researcher and activist

Finally, we want to give you an opportunity to try on the decolonial lens for yourself. We’ll split up into small groups and discuss real-world scenarios in decolonizing research, education, and the professional environment. Expect to explore various questions and tools How do you incorporate non-Western theories and forms of knowledge? Can you reflect on the Eurocentric perspective of your research? Can you take an active stance on (climate) justice and racism without being an activist?

This event is brought to you by Studium Generale and the newly formed Decolonial Working Group of the TU Delft. Join us as we open the floor to questions and conversations on decolonising research, and meet with other students and staff who are interested in the topic.