Good Vibrations Sessions

Immerse yourself in ‘Good Vibrations’, a lineup of dynamic and interactive sessions with esteemed researchers Aafke Fraaije, Joost Vervoort, Julia Rijsenbeek & Yke Bauke Eisma.

Aafke Fraaije and Nabil Tkhidousset
Climate change spans across generations. If you could reach out to generations yet to come, what would you like to tell them? Aafke Fraaije, TU Delft postdoc researcher in Art for Climate Solidarity, and spoken word artist Nabil Tkhidousset host a poetry workshop on intergenerational care in times of climate change.

Joost Vervoort
What would a society look like that is dedicated to the wonder of existence? Joost Vervoort, Associate Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, will guide the audience through a dialogue about ‘infrastructures of mystery’ and into a ‘social meditation’.

Julia Rijsenbeek
Having reached the modern level of control over nature, humans are now collapsing under their success. Will they find a way to relate differently to their environment? PhD candidate in the philosophy of technology Julia Rijssenbeek will show the experimental dance film COBALT and use it to imagine future nature-technology-human ways of relating.

Yke Bauke Eisma
Can we really relate to robots, care for them, or even love them? And could they love us back? Yke Bauke Eisma, researcher on human-robot interaction, and hi-tech robodog SPOT will promote this discussion.