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When external relations powers are transferred from the national to the EU realm, this constrains national governments. However, EU citizens are comparatively more powerful in controlling EU external relations via the European Parliament than national citizens are in controlling the external actions of national governments. So who is taking back control? Christina Eckes is  Professor […]


DEWIS Symposium: Diversity, Creativity and Innovation

DEWIS (Delft Women in Science) is organizing a symposium on 4 March 2019 about leading diverse and creative teams and the role of inclusive leadership. All TU Delft staff and students are welcome. Professor Roni Reiter-Palmon from the University of Nebraska Omaha will discuss the effects of diversity on team creativity. Research suggests that diversity […]


Inspiring Dialogues by Alumni for Students | Mickey Huibregtsen

So you’re going to be an engineer, but what’s next? Role models, good examples, and best-practices can give you some sense of direction and insight into the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Fortunately, Delft University of Technology has some wonderful and successful alumni, and we want you to meet them!

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Maart: Maand van de Vrouw

INTERNATIONALE VROUWENDAG 2016 Al ruim 100 jaar vinden, tijdens de Internationale Vrouwendag (8 maart), wereldwijd activiteiten plaats rondom de positie van de vrouw. Met thema’s als economische zelfstandigheid van vrouwen, empowerment, seksueel geweld, zorg en arbeid, discriminatie en racisme. Anno 2016 zijn deze thema’s actueler dan ooit. Hoe werkt dat in de praktijk? Ontvoeringen en […]


5 Minute Survey: Engineers and their conscience

Everyone gets confronted with difficult decisions and responsibilities in life. Engineers however face especially impactful choices. Should you work on a drone, knowing that it can be used for spying or to kill people? Or on robots that take away millions of jobs; ships that end up polluting Asian beaches; GMO’s or pesticides that destroy […]


Refugees Welcome in TU Delft Free Zones – A Satire

When the TU Delft introduced the Free Zones on campus about a year ago, I have to admit my first thoughts were ragingly cynical.  This must be a joke, I thought: in order to improve the quality of life on campus, a team of grown up people spent a good deal of time (and $$) […]