VOX Weekly Discussion Nights

Are you a critical thinker, an intellectual, or do you simply enjoy listening to other people’s opinions? Looking for other people who like to question the way things are, and to really understand this crazy world of ours? Then VOX could be your new home.

Every week (well, nearly every week) on Tuesday nights in the Library, VOX Delft organizes a low-key discussion on all sorts of philosophical, social, and technological topics. Like the ethics of drones, what would happen if we met intelligent aliens, chemical warfare in Syria, or what the benefits would be of becoming a cyborg. Everyone is welcome to join, participate, and even suggest and vote for possible topics on Facebook. And then we sit down together for a few hours and explore the issue and any random tangents that we can think of. Stimulated by whatever drinks, snacks and beverages you prefer. 🙂
VOX is run by a student board, co-founded with Studium Generale back in 2011. Their self-imposed task is to offer a place in Delft where students, staff, and visitors can think out loud about whatever topic they choose, without taboos, in such a way that it doesn’t become a debate but an open discussion. Nobody wins, or at least nobody loses, because we all share our knowledge and opinions as equals without having to be experts.

Where: in the Library, exact location is usually announced on Facebook and in the newsletter
When: Tuesday nights, 7-10pm

Check out www.voxdelft.com for more news and information on VOX, and visit their Facebook page to follow and engage in the topic selection process. It’s so simple, yet so enlightening!


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