Job Application: the TU Delft Sustainability Community needs you!

For the last few months, SG has been helping students out to organize a TU Delft Sustainability Community, bringing together all the organizations in Delft committed to sustainability and ecological awareness. So far, the list includes Smart Campus, Students4Sustainability, Ecolution, SHIFT, Passie voor bouw, Energy Club, Delft Social Impact, SHS, and Climate City Campus.

To keep growing after the summer, the community needs an institutional structure and a coordinating body. This body would also require an advisory committee, funding, a physical space on campus, etc.

This summer,  a 3-month part time project is available for one student to put together a plan to institutionalize the TU Delft Sustainability Community. You will be working with FMVG, Sport & Culture, Valorisation, and ‘Synergy’ partners (e.g. Library, Aula) at the university. The position will most-likely be funded (confirmation to be received soon).

Consider this a ‘job posting’, and an opportunity to form the future of our community. At the same time, it does NOT commit you to chairing/coordinating the community beyond September, 2014. At this point, your work will be submitted to the TU Delft Executive Board and committee of advisors, after which a decision will be made to formally establish the Sustainability Community within TU Delft. Please send your ‘motivation/intent’ to take on this task to

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