4 months of SG Academy and nobody’s lost their mind yet

After the first four months and 16 episodes I think we can safely say that the SG Academy has graduated from its trial period!


People get together and talk. They exchange information and opinions on certain subjects. There’s really nothing more fancy to it than that, but it works and it’s fun.

For a brief overview of the topics we’ve had and sources we’ve used so far, check out this pdf. Some of the highlights, which had seemingly nothing to do with the intended topics, include discussions about cannibalism, the (im)morality of first degree murder of other people in a lucid dream, and the theory that the entire universe is a simulation. And yet nobody’s lost their mind, yet.

Here’s a few quotes from participants so far, hopefully they can give you a better picture of what it’s about than I can:

“Personally I think that we as students should be able to talk openly about all kinds of philosophical subjects. Usually there’s a barrier to participating in such a discussion, especially if people think they don’t have enough knowledge about the topic. At the SG Academy I feel that all our opinions are accepted and that there is genuine interest in talking about them.
I recommend the SG Academy to broaden your horizon and feed your curiosity, while you’re sitting in the Matrix chair!”
– Setareh

“I’ve learned a lot and have been able to adjust my own opinions here and there. And as the slogan says, Anything Goes!”
– Cor

Eye in the triangle

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