Corona Care Package Extra | Online Audio Lectures by Home Academy (Dutch)

Studium Generale enjoys a longstanding collaboration with Home Academy Publishers, who have produced over 200 audio lectures on a wide range of topics including history, philosophy, religion, literature, science, music and more. As a subscriber of the Home Academy Club you have unlimited access to all content across all your online and offline devices.

Since, like us, they have had to suspend all live events for the time being, Home Academy now offers a one month free subscription to the Home Academy Club. You can visit, select Clublid met code and enter the following coupon code: SGDELFT2020

Make sure to check out their content! For instance, get some positive vibes from the two lectures on why the future is bright by Maarten Boudry, who recently gave a talk for the Bèta Balie and Studium Generale.

Additional instructions on how to access their content on your own computer or mobile app can be found at