Corona Care Package #6 | How to be alone


Monday’s post: How to be alone

Monday 6 April | Mental Health & Wellbeing

On Mondays and Fridays we aim to address Mental Health & Wellbeing in general, and stress and burn out amongst our students in particular. The issues are often study or work related, but the current crisis can also cause anxiety, depression or feelings of loneliness. We do not claim we can solve these problems, but try to do our part, for example by offering freeĀ Yoga & Meditation sessions, every Monday and Friday at 12.30 on Instagram (@skycampusnetherlands).

How to be alone

Many of us have become modern day hermits overnight. But how do you survive being alone? Billy Barr has been doing it for decades in the Rocky Mountains and shares his tips with us.

Studium Generale created a Corona Care Package to make #StayingIn as pleasant as possible. In the following weeks we will share videos, blogs, articles and podcasts within four focus areas: Mental Health, Fake News, Arts & Culture and Philosophy.