Engineers of the Round Table

Hoe maak je straks belangrijke keuzes als bewuste ingenieur? Luister vandaag tijdens dit symposium naar deskundige perspectieven van politici, journalisten, ethici en ingenieurs

Green Mirror: S4S Symposium

In this Symposium we would like to offer you the option to choose your own path towards sustainability. This Symposium will be your moment of self-reflection. How can you participate in a green future? How will you help to solve the problems we face today?

Day of Sustainability Symposium 2019

Day of Sustainability Symposium 2019: Let Your Action Be Your Reaction! Curious to know more about the history, progress and prospects of sustainability? Excited to learn about the energy transition, waste management, true pricing and provincial perspectives on the green matter whilst getting hands-on experience in going circular? Then join us for the Day of […]

Out of the Lab

Science Communication: How to become a famous scientist and where to start Always wondered how to get your research into the newspapers? What determines who gets on the stage of YouTube channel “the University of The Netherlands?” What the most effective way is to communicate with people who aren’t experts in your field? How to […]

S4S Symposium: What Does A Future Society Look Like?

WHAT DOES A FUTURE SOCIETY LOOK LIKE? The Students 4 Sustainability Symposium 2019 takes place on Tuesday the 7th of May. During this evening about sustainability four speakers will answer the question: “What does a future society look like?” So in which ways must our society change to still exist in the future? What must […]

S4S Symposium: What’s Shaping the Journey to a Sustainable Future?

The transition to a sustainable future is happening all around you. But what influences the way this happens? How do politicians, media, farmers, celebrities, companies, and everyone else help or hinder this effort? Students4Sustainability challenges you to think about “What’s shaping the journey to a sustainable future?” at our symposium on the 15th of May […]

Leeghwater Symposium: Side-Effects of Innovation

On the 20th of March a symposium themed “side effects of innovation” will take place. This symposium will be organised to celebrate the 150th birthday of the Gezelschap Leeghwater, study association of mechanical engineering at the TU Delft. On this day several topics will be discussed, for example the side effects of decision making with […]