Philosopher’s lunch: What do you mean, objective?

Recording: Philosopher’s lunch: What do you mean, objective?

Most people think their own judgements are more objective than those of others. But very few are aware of the sometimes surprising factors that come into play when making these judgements.  In the first Philosopher’s lunch  (broodje Filosofie) in English,  the philosopher Hanno Sauer invites you to test your own judgements for rationality, logic and objectivity. Starting with the infamous Knobe-effect, he lets you see how thoughts on whether something is good or bad, can make you see the facts differently.

Come to the HIVE-room at 12:35pm on the 19th of March and see the strange things that influence the way that we (yes, even you!) look at the world!

Hanno Sauer
The German philosopher Hanno Sauer is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Tilburg University. He is specialised in ethics and moral psychology. When he is not busy teaching he concerns himself with writing award-winning texts for academic magazines, or giving talks at various conferences. 

Philosophy Bite
Studium Generale and Brandstof organise Philosopher’s lunch four times per semester. In a short and sweet lunchbreak lecture an everyday theme is analysed from a philosophical perspective. So drop by in the HIVE in the TU library for a dose of philosophical knowledge. Besides offering food for thought, we also supply actual food: there are free sandwiches!

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