Interview and discussion: My Beautiful Broken Brain with Lotje Sodderland

At the age of 34, Lotje Sodderland suffered a haemorrhagic stroke, which left her completely unable to read, write or speak coherently. She documented her recovery and, from that, produced an award-winning documentary, My Beautiful Broken Brain which was released on Netflix last year.

She will be joined on stage by Frans van der Helm, a professor at TU Delft whose research focuses on the the interactivity of medical devices between humans and machines. He won the award for Best Professor at TU Delft in 2012.

The two will discuss Sodderland’s injury, how technology aided in her recovery and where the science goes from here on stage in the Aula. The event will be moderated by Molly Quell, the international editor of Delta.

Organised as part of the series Explore your Brain at the TU Delft Library.

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