Moment of Zen (Kickoff – Registration req.)

This is the kick-off episode of the weekly Moment of Zen series. Do you love watching things that make you think? -Satirical news programs? Cartoons with social commentary? Eye-opening documentaries? And do you need a weekly moment of Zen to process it all?


“Moment of Zen” is a new free weekly lunch event at SG TU Delft for critical pop culture consumers. We’ll watch and discuss short videos and images, from the silliest memes to the most blatant FOX news propaganda. These are the products that define our (pop) culture.
If all you do is watch South Park or play League of Legends, alone, you might come out thinking the world is ready to crash and burn. But if you come to the Library during your lunch break, grab a free sandwich, and watch a few videos, then you can analyze and discuss them and their impact on society with others. You’ll get to practice being a smart-ass true social critic and an arm chair anthropologist and maybe together we’ll save the world from the Kardashians.


Tuesday’s during lunch break | 12:30-1:30pm | Library, TU Delft |
Please register through SG Program Manager Klaas Pieter:

Get ready to dissect VICE documentaries, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, South Park, Tegenlicht, FOX News, CNN, Al Jazeera, and more. We’re also open to any and all suggestions.

Moment of Zen Couleur