How to be creative

How do you promote creativity? What happens inside your brain during a AHA-moment? And what happens during a writersblock? And is creativity present in everybody? Dick Swaab tells you everything you want to know about creativity and the brain. About how creativity arises and how it can be stimulated.

The world renowned neuroscientist and writer, known from his book ‘We Are Our Brain’, will release a new book this September: ‘Our Creative Brain’. In this book Swaab shows the importance of the interaction of our brain with the environment. At birth, our brains are only a third of the size they will have when we reach adulthood. How does the rest of the development happen? To be able to release all the potential a warm and safe environment is needed. But this is not all: the brain has to be stimulated, for example by your parents, your environment and your work. But art and music also stimulate the brain in surprising ways.

‘Our Creative Brain’ tries to answer questions like: How does every brain become different? What is creativity and how can we stimulate it? How is the work of artist influenced by their brain disease? Why do some people like atonal music? How can the environment work as a drug? How can you postpone Alzheimer’s disease? How do we lose the stigma that a brain disease causes? Dick Swaab again proves his unchallenged talent to make difficult mater easily accessible, exciting, and entertaining. Reading Swaab is like looking at an X-ray image of your soul. An indispensable book.

It is not special to be unique, we all are. In ‘Our Creative Brain’, Dick Swaab shows what makes us humans: the interaction between the brain and the environment. The environment does not only contribute to the unique development of every brain, but also to the growth of brain disease and the cure for it. Music and art are not only creative forms of communication, but also seem to be of therapeutic value to brain disease. The way our brains develop, influences our choice of profession, but our profession also has an effect on the structure and function of our brains. Many societal consequences of brain research, like choice of partner, philosophy, and law making are addressed.

S&C and SG have invited Dick Swaab for a lunch lecture on the development and stimulation of creativity in the brain. Let this brain researchers’ bright ideas inspire you and leave you full of new connections in your brain.


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