Puneet the Colourful Hitchhiker

Recording: Puneet the Colourful Hitchhiker

Having hitchhiked across dozens of countries and many thousands of kilometers, Puneet Sahani has earned his nickname as ‘The Colorful Hitchhiker.’ Trained as a scientist and public policy analyst, Puneet took to the road in 2009 and has lived a nomadic life ever since. Without a map, without a destination, he has relied on the goodwill of complete strangers to help him along.

These travels and the strangers he has met have given Puneet a unique perspective on the modern world. Urbanization, climate change, sustainability, adventure, even hitchhiking itself; being on the road challenged all his beliefs on these issues.

“Our beliefs,” says Puneet, “give us a certain sense of security. I say throw it all out. There is beauty in being lost, and having no sense of direction.”

Come listen to Puneet’s stories and his insights, and see the world through the eyes of a modern nomad. There will be time for a brief discussion and for socializing after the lecture by the Colorful Hitchhiker.

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