The Delft Files: How Sustainable Is TU Delft?

The Sustainability Community brings to you: The Delft Files! How sustainable is our university?

After the Green Campus symposium at culture in October, where we (the TU Delft Sustainability Community) had our kick-off, we are organizing a lunch lecture about our campus’s sustainability with our partners Studium Generale and Sports & Culture.

Everybody is so concerned with sustainability here at TU Delft. But how sustainable is our university itself? A group of students did an interdisciplinary project for their Master study Industrial Ecology on the sustainability of our campus with SMART campus. During the lunch lecture they will reveal their findings. Mart Lubben, chairman of national student sustainability organization ‘Studenten voor Morgen‘ will also come by to put things in a national perspective and talk about their way of ranking universities (the SustainaBul) and how the TU scores. Furthermore, he will elaborate on the Green Office movement in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.

Interested? Come have a look on Monday 16th of March 12:30-13:45 in hall A of TPM faculty and bring your friends. Lunch will be provided.

You can also help the Sustainability Community gather data on how you experience the campus yourself by filling out this short online survey.