The Education of Millionaires (“What University Doesn’t Teach You” series)

TU Delft students who have learned skills outside of their academic career are now sharing those with their peers through the platform “What University Doesn’t Teach You.” In their own words, about this lecture:

“The truth is that it is not about becoming a millionaire. Material success does not equal fulfillment in life. If you were after the $$$ you will most probably not be in TU Delft after all. However, many of us have experienced that the mostly theoretical lectures don’t really prepare us for ‘SUCCESS IN THE REAL WORLD’.

Very Important Skills like: How to Get a Job, How To Pass Interviews or Starting a Business are simply not taught in class..

It is somehow expected that we can manage ourselves with things like: being proactive, standing out from the crowd and our ‘soft skills’. However, most of us struggle with exactly those skills. Most of us have learned to pass tests and deliver papers. Bu the fact is that the jobs market is very competitive and usually just grades won’t cut it for you.

Certain ‘SUCCESS SKILLS’ like SALES, MARKETING and PERSONAL BRANDING are more important in 2017 than ever before. However, again their practicality is left out from the university curriculum. Or if they are taught, it is mostly theoretical.

That is why What University Does Not Teach You has a new lecture for you. “The Education of Millionaires”

What University Does Not Teach You (WUDNTY) is a platform which provides tools and room for discussion to discover what you want out of life and career, why, and how to make your first steps in making your desires a reality. These tools also cover ways in dealing with common obstacles such as fears and procrastination.

“The Education of Millionaires” is a lecture about the ‘SUCCESS SKILLS’ that will make you successful in 2017 (that are not taught in class). Those are the lessons that TU student Martin Georgiev learned in 2 years from starting a business, living in 3 countries, taking 30 flights and having 4 world-class mentors.

Our speaker:

Martin Georgiev attracted 4,500+ students from 125 countries in one year, teaching what he is passionate about: Meditation, Travelling & Connecting with People (

P.S. This is NOT a “GET QUICK RICH” lecture
P.P.S. It’s not about becoming a Millionaire, but the entrepreneurial mindset.


Location: Orange room (Oostserre), faculty of Architecture
Date: Tuesday 16 May 2017
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
1.5 hour – Interactive Talk. + 30 min Q&A.
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Info on the platform:

The founder of the What University Does Not Teach You (WUDNTY) is Bart van de Laar, a TU Delft alumnus from Aerospace Engineering. You may also know him as the founder of Spartan Workout at Sports&Culture.”

This WUDNTY event is being co-organized with Studium Generale