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Bèta Balie lezing: Technologie tussen belofte en behoefte

WAT WAS ER EERST: BEHOEFTE, BELOFTE OF TECHNOLOGIE? Het gangbare idee is dat technologieën worden ontwikkeld als antwoord op bestaande behoeften, zoals gezondheid, veiligheid of mobiliteit. De geschiedenis laat ons echter zien dat nieuwe technologie juist behoeften maken. Volgens Harro van Lente zijn in de ontwikkeling van technologie niet problemen of behoefte leidend, maar technische […]


The Afterlife of Satellites: past, present, future

Satellites are vital to the functioning of our modern world. They provide mass communications, GPS and track the earth’s climate and agriculture. Since the launch of Sputnik, the first satellite ever, in 1957, thousands of satellites are orbiting the earth. In their afterlife however, inactive satellites can turn into space debris. Currently there is an […]


Bèta Balie: Geniesoldaten en Luchtfietsers

Technologische voorspellingen uit het verleden zijn soms griezelig accuraat. Een andere keer slaan ze de plank op vermakelijke wijze mis. Historisch journalist Fanta Voogd schrijft voor het blad De Ingenieur de rubriek Voorwaarts, waarin hij – onder het motto ‘de geschiedenis van toekomst’ – telkens een oude profetie onder de loep neemt. Succesvolle als de […]

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Vacancies on the board of Ecolution

Looking to do something meaningful in Delft? Ecolution is an important student association, working to increase practical knowledge and awareness about environmental issues and solutions. And they need new board members for the coming year. Read their call below and go to their website to find out more. Ecolution calls for new members! Are you […]


“Will it help us in the sustainability rankings?”

Last week the TU Delft Sustainability Community hosted a lunch lecture on how sustainable the TU Delft campus is. After all, the university talks the talk, but do they walk the walk? From the data presented by Industrial Ecology student Siebe Trompert it became clear that the TU Delft has a long way to go […]


4 months of SG Academy and nobody’s lost their mind yet

After the first four months and 16 episodes I think we can safely say that the SG Academy has graduated from its trial period! People get together and talk. They exchange information and opinions on certain subjects. There’s really nothing more fancy to it than that, but it works and it’s fun. For a brief […]