VOX Delft board positions for next year!

VOX is looking for new board members for the academic year of 2015-2016. And since I advise the board, that means I’m looking too.

SG wants to further the amazing ability of VOX Delft to call together socially-minded thinkers. They are always open to new ideas and freely experiment with the challenge of bringing diverse people in Delft together. All nationalities, all kinds of cultural backgrounds, students of all ages coming together to discuss ideas, events, technology, and ideology, no matter how far out. VOX is unique in Delft, and it’s hard to put into words. We had some video shot earlier this year, without audio, to give an idea of what VOX discussions look like at least. I challenge you to sit through it all and wonder what these people were talking about 😛


Who is it for?

Any student can apply, Dutch or international, bachelor or master, engineer or Industrial Designer (bad joke). Do you spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about the world? Are you creative, critical, cynical, or devoted to exploring truth and reality? Maybe a little stubborn but also open to hearing other people’s craziest ideas? Definitely give the VOX board a heads up if you’re interested.

The board meets at least once a week to set up, prepare and evaluate the goings on of their weekly activities.
This includes playing with the established formats and inventing new ones,
spreading the word that VOX and its events exist, both physically and digitally,
seeking out expert voices and source material to anchor a discussion. The board is assisted by Studium Generale and usually meets in my office in the Library.

What does the board do?

Board duties include moderating a discussion when necessary, to ensure an open and creative talk.
Towing the line between expressive freedom, hierarchy, and structure.
Defining the vision and plan for VOX for the coming year.
Managing finances, keeping a schedule for the year and booking locations.
Buying food and drinks for the discussions.
Working with an international (and local) team, bridging cultures and concepts.
Collaborating with other associations.
Writing or blogging about interesting topics and conversations.
And generally spreading the word about VOX, so that we can “find the others” in Delft.
Expect to be involved anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a week, including the weekly events.

What do you get out of it?

The VOX board is the most laid back and dynamic board I know, and I’ve seen quite a few boards and associations over the past few years in Delft. This is an opportunity to learn leadership and organization skills, and what it takes to make sure that none of your fellow thinkers have to do their thinking alone. You get to create and manage a home for all the great minds on campus that aren’t fully satisfied with the college experience of beer, money trouble, and exams. That’s pretty special.

Finally, through SG, you can get financially reimbursed in the form of RAS-months. $$

Send your applications and/or questions to Leroy at info@voxdelft.com
check out facebook.com/groups/voxdelft

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