Talk That Talk: Serious Game About Sexual Violence Against Women On Campus

Do you know how you will react in a situation that involves transgression of a friend’s sexual boundaries? And when is going further going too far? If these questions matter to you, or if you just want to learn more about sexual violence against women, you are invited to come play Talk That Talk, a serious game about sexual violence developed by MSc thesis student Francien Baijanova. First you are invited to play the game in a small group of students, then Francien will present her research, followed by a panel discussion in which a group of experts will discuss questions about sexual violence. This evening will surely challenge you to think and voice your opinions about sexual violence against women.*

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Or, if you’d like to help out, consider becoming a facilitator for the game! More info here.

*During this evening, a safe space is created for and by the participants. Please only come if you are willing to be respectful and considerate. You may experience emotional discomfort during the game.

This event is a collaboration with the TPM Diversity & Inclusion Office
Find out more about (and register for) the Diversity & Inclusion Week here

Statistics in Delft

Recently, a survey in Delft made it clear that sexual violence is a serious problem amongst students. Two-thirds of all students who filled in the survey indicated that they had experienced one or more forms of inappropriate or transgressive behavior.