Sit like a lady

What If Women had the Power?

This fall at SG, we’re going to find out what the world would look like if women had the power. We’re going to erase the dominant patriarchal perspective for a moment and substitute it with an alternate reality. What would it look like if the tables were turned: would women set the standards, could men be vulnerable? Would we let go of the old ways and celebrate gender fluidity?

In our patriarchal society, deeply rooted stereotypes about men and women prevail, fueling inequality and erasing difference. Can we come up with an alternative narrative that allows us to reexamine our entrenched beliefs? And what would we see? 

In this series, we will focus on the female perspective, which has been neglected or even suppressed throughout history. Dream, talk and create alternative stories with us during our several events this September and October:

12 Sept                                 VOX Movie Night: Libertarias (1996)                                               Orange Room
18 Sept – 10 Nov            Art Exhibition                                                                                                 The Nook/Theater de Veste
19 Sept                                Existential Tuesday: What if women had the power?              The Nook
21 Sept                                The Book Club: The Power, book distribution                              The Nook
10 Oct                                  Existential Tuesday: What is a “real” man?                                     The Nook
11 Oct                                  Writing for Power: A creative writing workshop                       The Nook
16 Oct                                  SG Café: Het vrouwelijk perspectief (in Dutch)                          Theater de Veste
19 Oct                                  The Book Club: The Power, book discussion                                 The Nook

For Love of the World series

These events are part of the series For Love of the World. In this series, we investigate – together with you, the audience – how we can love the world (again). We explore new stories and perspectives for our world, as our current ones are failing. We’ll discover how technology and art help us to behold this world anew. And in doing so, we’ll pay close attention to those perspectives that we have neglected and suppressed: the female, the non-Western, the non-binary, the animal, the plants, and the inanimate objects. But also aspects of the individual experience: our own sensitivity, our bodies and our senses. We’ll revitalize the world: a sensitive and loving way of life for the 21st century.

Join one of our many upcoming programmes. After the Fall, we’ll focus on posthumanism and the interconnectedness of people and technology, animals, plants and everything non-human. And it all culminates in the For Love of the World festival on March 23rd at Theater de Veste. So stay tuned this Academic year, for love of the world.