Science Café Den Haag: Space

Op donderdagavond 5 juli draait het Science Café Den Haag om “Space”. Meld je hier aan! Drie bevlogen wetenschappers vertellen op een inspirerende en laagdrempelige manier in een kort college over een boeiend vraagstuk binnen hun vakgebied. Zo zal Tanja Masson-Zwaan (Universiteit Leiden) je uitleggen welk recht er eigenlijk in de ruimte geldt, maakt een wetenschapper […]

Food For Mars: Do we need to colonise space to survive as a species?

What do you think life on Mars will be like for the first intrepid pioneers? Why do we want to colonize the solar system? What kind of world, designed entirely by humans, will we build? What sort of challenges will we face, technologically, ecologically, socially, and psychologically? Will we be able to prevent a repetition […]

Science café Den Haag: Cyber Security

Nieuw in Den Haag! Cybersecurity, Space en Circulaire economie, een greep uit het aanbod van Science Café Den Haag. Bevlogen wetenschappers vertellen op een laagdrempelige manier over maatschappelijke thema’s en gaan met het publiek en elkaar in gesprek. Ook zin om in een avond ondergedompeld te worden in de wetenschap? Kom dan naar het eerst […]

Phil Zimmermann | Crypto Wars 2.0 (in English)

When PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) was published for free on the Internet in 1991, Phil Zimmermann became the target of a three-year criminal investigation, because the U.S. government held that export restrictions for cryptographic software were violated when PGP spread worldwide. We still find ourselves in a situation where we have to defend our right […]

Interview and discussion: My Beautiful Broken Brain with Lotje Sodderland

At the age of 34, Lotje Sodderland suffered a haemorrhagic stroke, which left her completely unable to read, write or speak coherently. She documented her recovery and, from that, produced an award-winning documentary, My Beautiful Broken Brain which was released on Netflix last year. She will be joined on stage by Frans van der Helm, […]

Documentary & Panel discussion: Before the Flood

An evening during which we give some serious thought on how to stop talking, and start doing something about the effects of climate change. Actions speak louder than words, as they say. © National Geographic At 18:00, you can watch Before the Flood, the intriguing documentary from National Geographic. The screening is followed up by a […]

SG Book Club: The Myth of Sisyphus

*note: the start has been postponed by a week so more people can  still join* || Albert Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus introduced and discussed in 3 sessions with philosopher Humber van Straalen || ‘In the end, there is only one fundamental philosophical problem, and that is suicide. All other things […] only come after […]

Living Survival Guide: Health and Wellbeing

Getting acclimated to a new town and a new university can be challenging. Doing so in a new country can be even more so. If you want to know how to navigate the medical system in the Netherlands, join us for our second Living Survival Guide. The Survival Guide is a series published in Delta […]

Discussie-avond: “Bepaal je eigen koers!”

In deze roerige tijd van terreuraanslagen, vluchtelingenstromen en oorlogen is het belangrijker dan ooit om bij je eigen normen en waarden te blijven. Op deze discussieavond zal TU-alumnus en persoonlijk leiderschap expert Glenn Weisz vertellen over waarom we de keuzes maken die we maken. Hij daagt je hierbij uit in discussie te gaan over hoe […]